Collection des cathédrales et des sanctuaires du moyen age

Medieval Spains, The

This book traces the political evolution of the Iberian peninsula from a collection of late Roman imperial provinces to the Spanish and Portuguese monarchies of the fifteenth century. That evolution is explained initially as a product of the interaction of the geography of Iberia and the successive invations of it by the Visigoths in the […]

Martyrs of Córdoba, The

Between 850 and 859 the Muslim government of Córdoba executed forty-eight Christians on two different charges. Most were accused of making denigrating remarks about the prophet Mauhammad, which under Islamic law was a capital offence for non’Muslims. Some were Christians with one or more Muslims parent and were therfore considered under Islamic law to be […]

Spain in the Middle Ages

Dr MacKay brings clarity to the medieval history of Spain by concentrating on two themes which provide the key to much of Spanish historical devlopment:”the frontier” from the eleventh to the thirteenth centuries; and “the preparation for Empire”during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries.