Cathedral of the Caminos, the A4

A cathedral is, as well as a church where the Bishop has his cathedra, an ecclesiastical institution and a place for the faithful. And, in Compostela’s case, it is also de destination of hundreds of thousands of pilgrims from every corner of the globe that project into it their yearnings, hopes and expieriences. It is […]

Flying pilgrim, The

On a clear morning, a swallow flew among the spires of the Cathedral of Santiago, before settling on one elaborate cornice to rest and admire the view over the entire city and the countryside beyond. Something strange is happening as there is a crowd entering and leaving the city. What is going on? Follow the […]

Between Saint James and Erasmus

This volume is divided into four sections: late medieval devotions in the Netherlands; medieval Christians pilgrimages, the medieval cult of St. James the Great; and Erasmiana.


Pilgrimage is a feature of all the world religions. From the Great Panathenaea of ancient Greece to the hajj of today, people of all religions and cultures have made sacred journeys to confirm their faith and their part in a larger identity. This book is a fascinating guide through the vast and varied cultural territory […]