North of Europe on the pilgrimage to Compostela, The

This book highlights the importance of maritime pilgrimage from the north of Europe to Santiago from the eleventh to the sixteenth centuries. These pilgrimages were initially related to the Crusades (from the eleventh to the thirteenth centuries), which generally stopped in the port of Coruña while the crusaders went on foot to the tomb of […]

Actas del II congreso international de estudios jacobeos

Se trata de un congreso que ha puesto en evidencia temáticas relacionadas con el peregrinaje marítimo, el sistema de navegación, la vida cotidiana a bordo, la construcción de las embarcaciones, los puertos de partida y de llegada, la conexión terrestre entre Santiago e la costa y los peregrinos más famosos que han seguido esta via […]


Collection des cathédrales et des sanctuaires du moyen age

Medieval Spains, The

This book traces the political evolution of the Iberian peninsula from a collection of late Roman imperial provinces to the Spanish and Portuguese monarchies of the fifteenth century. That evolution is explained initially as a product of the interaction of the geography of Iberia and the successive invations of it by the Visigoths in the […]

Martyrs of Córdoba, The

Between 850 and 859 the Muslim government of Córdoba executed forty-eight Christians on two different charges. Most were accused of making denigrating remarks about the prophet Mauhammad, which under Islamic law was a capital offence for non’Muslims. Some were Christians with one or more Muslims parent and were therfore considered under Islamic law to be […]