Vézelay route information

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             Cartografie: Wobien Doyer                                                          Vézelay © Jolanda Stammes 


The working group “Vézelay route” produces and maintains the English version of the two Dutch guides of the pilgrimage route from Vézelay to Saint  Jean-Pied-de-Port: one guide of the variant via Nevers and one guide of the variant via Bourges.


Both guides are the successor of the Dutch translation of the well-known “yellow” guide of Monique Chassin et al and are published by the Dutch Association of Saint James.


The guides are based on the directions, the GPS-tracks and an inventory of accommodation addresses provided by the five French Associations of Saint James along this route, i.e.

L'Association des Amis et Pèlerins de Saint-Jacques de la Voie de Vézelay

Amis et Pèlerins de Saint-Jacques de Compostelle du Limousin-Perigord

L'Association des Amis de Saint-Jacques de Compostelle en Aquitaine

Soci été Landaise des Amis de Saint-Jacques et d’Etudes Compostellanes

Association Les amis du chemin de Saint-Jacques / Pyrénées-Atlantiques


The guides are published by the Dutch Association and contain detailed route information as well as route maps (in colour) and height profiles.

From 1 January 2018 the accommodation addresses (and other facilities) will no longer be included in the guides, but are available separately as PDF documents (free downloads).

The English version 2017 of the guides can be ordered from the webshop of the Confraternity of Saint James (variant via Nevers and variant via Bourges). On the website of the Confraternity you will also find very useful additional information on the Vézelay Route.

In March 2019 an article was published in the Bulletin (no. 145) of the Confraternity about the Vézelay Route.
Please see the attached document.


On this website you will find:

- the PDF files of the guides and of the accomodation addresses and other facilities.

- available updates of the guides.

- Google Earth and GPS files. Read the information on top of the page, scroll down to 'Download France' and use the links of 'All Pilgrim routes France'.
Travel information to Vézelay

As a user you are invited to contribute to the quality of the guides by reporting changes in the route, errors in the text or maps, etc., you might encounter on the go. Please use this contact form  for your observations, remarks, etc.

We will take care that your information is processed as quickly as possible in a new edition of the guide and in updates that will be made available regularly.

Nevers or Bourges?


We regularly receive questions from pilgrims on the difference between the routes via Bourges and Nevers.

We put that question to Michel Guichard, vice president of the Association Amis et Pèlerins the Saint-Jacques de la Voie the Vézelay and coordinator of the volunteers manning the pilgrim office in Vézelay during the season. This is his answer:

"The Association does not give advice, it is up to the pilgrims to make their own choice. But as pilgrims ask me for advice, I tell them that the route via Bourges is flatter, with many large forests and cornfields, and along busier and straight ahead roads. The route through Nevers is more undulating and varied, and -for me- therefore more enjoyable."

To this our working group adds:
- "Personally, I think it more intriguing to walk through the city of Bourges than through the city of Nevers" (a working group member)
- Some pilgrims choose Bourges because of it's cathedral, others choose Nevers because of the shrine of Bernadette Soubirous (of Lourdes),
- The variant via Bourges is 267 km, the variant via Nevers is 31.6 km longer. If however, after Nevers, you choose the variant via Augy-sur-Aubois that difference is halved."

Members of the working group:

Wobien Doyer

Klaas Mors

Arno Cuppen

Han Lasance