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' The Vezelay Route - variant Bourges' 'The Vezelay Route - variant Nevers' Waymarking




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Attention: the Vézelay route is well marked but when leaving Vézelay it is advisable to pay extra attention for various reasons:

  • for the pilgrims who, for example, arrive from Paris, the Netherlands and Belgium, the marking in Vézelay changes: it takes some getting used to the new yellow-blue marking. (See the link top right for more information).
  • on the edge of Vézelay, the variants via Nevers and Bourges part. The bifurcation is clearly indicated on the spot. Yet there are occasionally pilgrims who take the "wrong" variant.
  • variant via Bourges: the Vézelay route crosses regularly the GR 654 (marked in red and white). Pilgrims sometimes choose the "wrong" route at such an intersection.
  • variant via Nevers: in particular in Saint Père (2.5 km from Vézelay) and in Pierre-Perthuis (8 km from Vézelay) different routes crosses each other, including: local hiking trails (marked yellow), the GR 13 (marked in red and white), a pilgrim route from Eastern France to Vézelay (marked with shells) and the Vézelay route. Although the latter is very clearly marked at these crossings (yellow-blue, sometimes as supplement "Voie Historique") pilgrims also sometimes choose the "wrong" route.

How to print the PDF files


The guides are available as pdf files in A5 size. A5 is the size you obtain when folding an A4 size sheet.

This size is somewhat bigger than the printed version. The scale of the maps in the printed version is about 1:60000 while printed as A5 it will be about 1:50000.

When viewing on your monitor use the following options of Adobe Reader:

View / Page Display, choose two page scrolling and Show Cover page in two page view.

Now you will have the route description on the left hand page and the map going with it on the right hand page, as in the printed version.

There are several ways to print the files:

  1. As a booklet. The newer versions of Adobe reader have the option to print a file as a booklet. The prints can be folded easily as an A5 size booklet.
    In the printing options choose “Booklet” in the Print Sizing and Handling.
    It will be a paper waste if your printer does not have the possibility for double sided printing! So think twice before starting to print.
    Remark: If you do not want to print all pages than always start at an uneven number; so if you want to print the real page 6 to 31 than choose 5 to 31!
  2. As loose A4 sheets with the text always to the left and the map to the right.
    Choose the printing option “Multiple” in the Print Sizing and Handling and Pages per sheet=2. Now you start on an even numbered page (e.g. 6 to 31).
  3. As loose A4 sheet. Choose “Size” in the Print Sizing and Handling and “Fit”.

General remark:

Moisture and water can easily dissolve the ink used in inkjet printers. Even if you cover your sheets carefully in a plastic bag, the text will deteriorate severely.

You better go to a printing shop that uses waterproof ink for your printing job.

Furthermore, we advise to buy the guides instead of printing yourselve. It is much cheaper buying than printing!

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